Belt Sizing

Please “measure twice” so we can “cut once.”

Our goal is to deliver the correct size the first time. Actual measurement of your waist is the most accurate. Pants sizes vary by manufacturer, and will usually be smaller than your actual waist measurement by 3-4″. It is also best to measure over anything that will be worn under the belt, such as inner belt, pants belt or padding; belts will usually add .5-1.5″; padding can add 2-3″+.

If you order the wrong size we will help you get the correct size, but we both loose on shipping and lost time. We are happy to help, or accommodate special sizing.

AttackPAK SizeAdjustment RangeBelt Pad Length
SM: Small27″ to 32.5″26″
MD: Medium31″ to 36.5″30″
LG: Large35″ to 40.5″33″
XL: Xtra Large39″ to 44.5″36″
XX: 2 Xtra Large43″ to 48.5″40″
Custom or Over 48″Made for you
Use a string and tape measure, or measure your belt from the end of the buckle to the hole that you use

Frame Sizing


Formula (in inches)

C7 VertebraIliac Crest + 2″ = Optimal Frame Size (OFS)

C7 Vertebra to the floor

C7 is the bony part of your spine at the back of your neck, just above your shoulders. Stand straight and drop the tape down your back to the floor

Iliac Crest to the floor

Place your hands on your hipbones with your thumbs pointing back toward your spine and your fingers wrapping forward. Hold your hands out parallel to the floor and drop the tape from your hands to the floor

Most of our packs have 4″ of adjustment in harness height, but our lite weight Paladin pack for competition shooters eliminates adjustment to save weight. Order with confidence that we will communicate to get you custom fitted.