Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS)

Are you open to improvements?

Over many decades, SOP has been: do not use the backpack waist-belt; tie it back so you can ditch your pack in a firefight. The result is career ending back injuries. A solution is required because the cost is huge in terms of moral, reduced man power, long term injury care and military readiness.

If you see something, say something… if you don’t, injuries happen.

Human Factors Engineering

Change for a reason:
  1. Backpacks with attached waist-belts don’t work with 1st line gun belts and body armor. The backpack belt is routinely not used and tied out of the way.
  2. Stand-off from bolsters moves your center of gravity, which throws off balance and coordination. In the struggle for balance, missteps cause ankle and knee injuries that require evacuation.
An avalanche of other problems:
  1. Excess weight on the shoulders and spine crushes spinal discs and causes irreparable damage.
  2. Rucksack palsy cuts off circulation to the hands resulting in numb hands, nerve damage and difficulty shooting.
  3. The non-functioning backpack suspension becomes parasitic weight, like carrying rocks to a gun fight.
  4. Injuries, fatigue and crippled performance equal force degradation, compromising mission readiness and battlefield success.
  5. The life cycle cost of musculoskeletal injury care, post middle east conflict, is estimated to exceed $500 million annually, not to mention our brothers living with a lifetime of pain post service.
Simple solution:

The ideal solution is to make your 1st line gun belt support
the weight of torso borne equipment. The biomechanics and ergonomics are improved; the soldier can achieve peak performance.

Bio-Mechanical Advantage

ILCS Spine™
ILCS Skeleton
Outstanding User Customization

The AttackPAK is designed as an orthotic Spine™ and lumbar support waist belt to redistribute the normal force of the soldiers’ torso load off the shoulders and onto the stronger hips and legs. The belt and frame are independent allowing quick ditch, easy don, and complete range of motion. The frame and belt are engineered in a mating wedge shape to stabilize the connection under load.

This visionary Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS) design does everything that existing load bearing designs will do, but the other designs will not match the AttackPAK’s capability and performance enhancements.

The system is built with 3 components: gun belt, Spine™, and modular packs. The Soldier, wearing a 1st line gun belt, can simply put on the pack and the Spine™ drops into a gravity holster on the 6 o’clock of the gun belt. The shoulder straps are attached to the pack so that user the user can choose to wear the pack without an Spine™.

Independent Foundation:
  • Orthotic lumbar belt
  • Spine™ load transfer
  • Lumbar protection
  • Mission adaptable
  • Optimum weight distribution
  • Quick ditch, easy don without assistance
  • Unrestricted range of motion and agility

Improved Balance and Armor Lock

Center of Gravity

When you move weight away from your center of gravity balance and coordination are more difficult and have a higher metabolic cost. Struggling for balance causes fatigue and preventable injuries.

Legacy Backpack

The ILCS Spine™ is contoured to grip the back armor plate, without additional parts, to bring the weight close to your center of gravity.


Quick Ditch & Easy Don

Ditch your pack in under 3 seconds. Keep your gun belt and body armor.


Mission Adaptable


Customize your kit for every mission with scalable, modular, multifunction components.

The PLT5 is strapped to an MPC. Bison sustainment bags and Predator pack can be attached over the PLT5. Gun belt and gravity pocket transfer the weight to your stronger hips and legs.

System Parts:
  1. Pants Belt & Shooter Belt
  2. Belt padding medium or lite
  3. Gravity pocket integration with optional IFAK
  4. ILCS Spine™ Frame
  5. MPC Modular load panel
  6. Bison Sustainment bags
  7. Predator assault pack
Distance Shooter Belt

Distance Shooter Belt

The Distance Shooter belt is the foundation of the AttackPAK ILCS. The core purpose is to redistribute weight off your shoulders and onto your stronger hips and legs, and eliminate redundant weight of a pack belt and gun belt. The advantage is enormous. AttackPAKs mitigate long term health problems as well as combat daily fatigue. Hand built to the highest quality standards.

Shooter Belt
Shooter Belt
Gravity Pocket
Gravity Pocket
Belt Pad
Belt Pad