Company History

P. Alex Klein, AttackPAK creator, spent many years volunteering with the Alpine Rescue Team in Colorado. Klein also served on the Berthoud Pass (Colorado)Ski Patrol for 5 years. At an elevation of 11,306’, on the Continental Divide, Berthoud Pass is an extreme skiing environment – testing the skills and equipment of every Patroller.

The inspiration for the AttackPAK patented contoured frame along with the modular component concept was inspired by this experience.

Light Is Fast. Fast Is Flexible.

Rescuing lost and injured people in the Rocky Mountains took his operations team into rugged territory where weathers conditions consistently change on a dime. In this dangerous mix of topography, injured/distressed evacuees and severe weather, each minute is critical. Additionally every rescue mission had unique equipment requirements. Klein developed the modular pack-frame-belt concept in direct response to fill the requisite versatility requirement.

Extreme Conditions Experience + Hands-On Product Knowledge = Great Packs

Klein made his first backpack in 1983. He was scheduled to go on a hike with the Adirondack Mountain Club, and had no pack for the trip and no money to buy one. The only option was to make one. Using fabrics and buckles from the REI CoOp, Klein matched his desire to get into the backcountry with his creative ability. The resulting pack was destined to change Klein’s life.

Later, as a teenager drawn to backpack design and construction, Klein took a job in the repairs department for Eastern Mountain Sports. Repairing many failed packs – some from the largest, most reputable manufacturers – he gained valuable hands-on experience that taught him why equipment fails and how to prevent failure. Seemingly endless hours of sewing repairs on broken equipment inspired him to build a better pack.

Decades of Dependability

Since the 1980s, AttackPAK has been building backpacks from super-durable materials to meet the demands of rescue workers, hunters, skiers, hikers and most recently military and tactical. The AttackPAK product strategy, in place from that first stitch, has always been to know what will fail, reinforce it so that it does not, and plan contingency systems. The crew at AttackPAK constantly puts its equipment to the test, using new gear all over the Rocky Mountains to ensure each product is up to our standards. With every design we make comes a dedication to endurance, versatility and functionality.