Dealer Distribution Application

Dear Dealer/Distributor,

Thank you for your support of AttackPAK products.
Your choice to carry AttackPAK kit benefits your clients & business with strong product
offerings. Your investment supports development of new innovative equipment for our
warfighters, which in turn benefits our brothers and everyday patriots. Your continued
business provides the backbone to strengthen our domestic economy and supports growth for
American employees and businesses.
Outlined below, please find general information about our Dealer/Distributor information you
will need to be completed in order to do business with us in 2024.

Account Terms:

  • Dealers / Distributors are responsible for all shipping charges and any applicable taxes.
  • Unit minimums may apply on custom/special order Items.
  • All custom/special Item orders shall be agreed upon by AttackPAK prior to placing orders.
  • Product designs evolve every day. AttackPAK will endeavor to inform you of any changes that
    might affect your order.
  • MAP restrictions are strictly enforced on AttackPAK’s products.
  • Most orders are shipped within 2 weeks. If any delays occur AttackPAK will give notification.
  • The Dealer/Distributor will provide a credit card or ACH number for AttackPAK to keep on
    file, to be used to streamline the ordering process.
  • Net terms are available on a case-by-case basis.
    Once the Account documentation is approved, AttackPAK will contact you with your account
    number and detailed ordering instructions.

    All guidelines/terms which you do not agree with are open for discussion and possible
    modification. Please ask.

    Please email or fax all information to:
    Fax: 303-778-0424