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E&E Go Bag Lid


Expanding capability and storage, the E&E Go Bag Lid easily replaces your existing rucksack’s lid with more capacity. The E&E Go Bag Lid was designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with a long-range sustainment pack while also giving users the option to utilize the Go Bag Lid as a stand-alone daypack.

Perfect for quick-access items such as binoculars, thermal optics, snacks, and other mission-essential equipment. This gives users additional options for how they organize their pack by either using the Go Bag Lid as purely additional storage or as part of an easy-to-carry escape and evasion kit.

In the military reconnaissance world, long movements with heavy rucks are the norm for most missions and the overall weight of the ruck takes a toll on the operator. What the E&E Go Bag Lid allows operators to do is drop their cumbersome ruck and primarily use the Go-Bag while moving closer to a potentially hostile area. Additionally, the Go-Bag can be used as an emergency escape and evasion bag in case the operator is compromised.

Compatible with AttackPAK, MOLLE, ALICE, and more rucksack styles that utilize a top lid flap. Organization and scalability have never been easier with the AttackPAK E&E Go-Bag Lid.

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Multicam, Coyote, Black, Multicam Black, Ranger, Wolf, M81 Woodland