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Gravity Pocket Lite

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Gravity Pocket description

The simple robust design of the Gravity Pocket is the work of genius. Unlike knock off products made of mechanical plastic parts, there is noting to fail or break on the AttackPAK design. Over 10 years of use and none have been returned. Everything else is heavier and prone to failure. Retrofit your gun belt to save a few dollars or get a complete belt from AttackPAK.

The original design was conceived while dirt bike riding. The back of my chest protector got hung up on my kidney belt and the weight of the chest protector was suspended off my shoulders. Later, when I attached my hydration bladder to the chest protector, it became evident that this would make a great backpack design. The development of “pocket” and how it attached to a belt took many forms. It was important that the frame could drop into the “pocket’ while normally donning a pack. Gravity and wedge shape help to retain the Spine™.

The design became obvious for military application after our Military Advisor retired from the Navy SEALS with back injuries, while using “state of the art” load carriage. The design morphed into the load transfer part of the ILCS (integrated Load Carriage Systems). When combined with a padded belt as the foundation, the Spine™ drops into the pocket and is kept in place by simple gravity.   The combination transfers the weight of torso borne kit off your shoulders and place it onto your stronger hips and legs. It provides quick ditch and easy don, full range of motion, and it won’t interfere with other belt kit.

Our Gravity Pockets, or pack holsters, are designed to slide onto any standard 1.75″ webbing gun belt. We can also build custom Gravity pockets to fit other size belts. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Multicam, Coyote, Black, Multicam Black


  • Robust design with redundant strength
  • Fits 1.75″ width belt
  • Weights less than 4oz
  • Made with proprietary reinforced fabrics
  • Belt, padding and accessories sold separately