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Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

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Simple, efficient and deadly.

Mag Pouche description

Low profile, lightweight, hydrophobic, collapsible, and super streamlined. Did I mention bad ass? Over the last few years we have been developing a better set of pouches to carry your mags, lights, radios, or first aid. Take a look at the collection. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler.” -Einstein AttackPAK’s pouches are a tangible representation of that logic. Bad ass warriors like Marcus Cassius Scaeva would have selected these pouches. While everything we make is of the finest quality, these pouches are the most durable on the market. If another brand can compete on durability, then we greatly surpass them on weight savings. If another pouch is lighter, It will not stand up to the enduring construction of our design. The final noteworthy aspect is the longevity of the product due to the fact every elastic and velcro component is able to be field stripped and replaced for a couple dollars.

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Multicam, Coyote, Black, Multicam Black, Ranger, Wolf

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