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AttackPAK builds the penultimate backs-packs for your life. 

Our goal is to get the word out about the Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS). 40+ years in the making, the capability doesn’t exist in any other product, but is particularly exemplary. 

Share our link with military, first responders, rescue, and outdoorsmen in your inner circle. 

We are driven by our mission is to build state-of-the-art military load carriage, correcting issues found in the currently fielded equipment, and adding significantly more capability. The old equipment/pack designs are now outdated, being replaced by by a newer complete system. 

Because the foundation is built around optimized ergonomics and human factors, it works for anyone who carries gear. And the parts are modular, so you can build what’s right for you. That capability is first of its kind, and it encourages other companies to build on the system to make it better; imagine what else can be built to enhance your experience? Happy to help, we are team players. 

The advancement will not cost more than current equipment, but conversely save you money over the broad use of your AttackPAK. 

Double Pistol Mag Pouch on
Reaper Gun Belt with Delta Pad

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Expires 2/28/23 Prices and offers subject to change without notice.

Getting the word out to everyone helps us get our boys the best kit to bring them home safe.