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Chest Pack
Al hut trip 2002
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Chest Pack and Harness

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Front toward the enemy!


The Front Pack is a necessary and versatile piece of kit. Designed as a general purpose counterbalance for any of our backpacks; it’s also a favorite when used as a standalone chest pack. We upgraded the harness compared to other kit bags for improved comfort and ventilation.

Accessorie description

The design has many uses and is an improvement over existing kit. The Front Pack was developed in the late 90’s for Berthoud Pass Ski Patrol, but upgraded over the last few years. Its versatile enough to be used as a binocular pack, and can also be used to quick deploy a concealed pistol in the back country. The capacity is large enough to carry 6- 30 round AR mags, and has space to organize small items such as batteries, lip balm, lens cloth, and a few Kind bars.


The exterior front has 2 zippered pockets to organize small gear; the top pocket can fit and AR mag, for size reference. There is a 2” tall loop strip across the front for ID and moral patches.


Built for versatility, the inside has a clear front pocket for maps or quickly locating stored items. The back panel has a sleeve pocket covered in 6” tall loop for customization. The AttackPAK triple mag shingle has hook on the back and loop on the front to organize AR mags like a chest rig. The loop field can also be configured as a go bag for first aid supplies.


Expand if you need extra, the back panel has a top loading pocket that accepts triple mag inserts or a modular zip top, available separately. The back panel is covered in 6” wide hook to make it useful as a low profile plackard on a plate carrier. The harness can be stowed in the rear pouch, for low profile streamlined use as a truck bag, or range bag for your pistol.


Speaking of ventilation, the Front Pack comes with a spacer mesh panel that mates with the rear hook face so that it can be used comfortably stand alone.


The top and bottom surfaces are adorned with proprietary Beer Tabs™ and squadron loops for modular attachment of a tourniquet, 550 cord, or a drop pouch.


The AttackPAK Outback Harness comes with the front pack and is also a breakthrough for all day comfort. We started by eliminating large wide buckles on the front, shaped the harness for a perfect drape over the shoulders, and use lightweight hydrophobic materials for the ideal carry configuration.


Years of prototyping and consulting with professionals in fields such as hunting, adventure racing, alpine rescue, environmental conservation, military operations, and everyday Joe end users have yielded a fantastic product. Using the scalable/modular design ethos AttackPAK is known for, we have achieved a perfect harmony between high speed tactical feature set and low-viz EDC considerations.


Conquer the unexplored with the Frontier chest pack.

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