Sidekick 3Hx4L zoom


Sidekick with 2 ar mags zoom


General Purpose Magazine Pouch Velcro MOLLE 4×4 inside zoom


General Purpose Magazine Pouch Velcro MOLLE 4×4 back zoom


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Sidekick 3Hx4L
Sidekick with 2 ar mags
General Purpose Magazine Pouch Velcro MOLLE 4×4 inside
General Purpose Magazine Pouch Velcro MOLLE 4×4 back
AttackPAK Sidekick Pouches
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Sidekick Pouch

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Accessorie description

The Sidekick Pouch is the perfect solution for those with limited MOLLE real estate. With up to three storage compartments, this pouch can accommodate a variety of items such as admin items, navigation equipment, ammunition, and more all in one pouch.

The innovative design of the Sidekick Pouch includes a customizable loop-lined kangaroo pocket behind the general-purpose pouch for quick access to items such as magazines, tourniquets, GPSs, smoke grenades, and more. The flexibility of pouch inserts allows for easy customization to fit your specific needs.

Pouch inserts do need to be purchased separately to get the full functionality of the pouch, available here.

The Sidekick Pouch is constructed using durable fabric materials and features YKK zippers, making it weather and wear resistant. Investing in high-quality gear like the Sidekick Pouch ensures that you can always depend on it when needed.

The Sidekick Pouch is currently available in either 3 or 4 MOLLE columns wide and 4 or 5 MOLLE columns tall, making it a versatile option that can fill many roles and expand your capabilities. Don’t let limited MOLLE real estate hold you back – invest in the Sidekick Pouch.

Mag Pouch Compatibility

3 MOLLE Wide Sidekick – Single Rifle Mag + Single Pistol Mag Pouch, Double Pistol Mag Pouch, and Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

4 MOLLE Wide Sidekick – Double Rifle Mag Pouch and all pouches that the 3 MOLLE wide can use

Extra options


HIG Kryptek, Multicam, Coyote, Black, Multicam Black, Ranger, Wolf, M81 Woodland


4Hx3W, 5Hx3W, 4Hx4W